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An exciting keepsake for our 5th graders

The Yearbook Committee is organizing a wonderful commemorative item for our 5th Graders, which every 5th grade student will receive! Please see important dates, directions, and general information below. From submitting photos to creating a one-of-a-kind ad to celebrate your child, the Yearbook Committee is counting on you to help make the Yearbook the best it can be!

Photo Uploads (Due: January 31)

You can upload your photos of your 5th grader throughout their K-5 journey for our use in the yearbook.

Directions to Upload Photos

1. Go to

2. Register for a new login (if you are a first time visitor)

3. Enter your Name, Email, Password and “Submit”

4. Your name will appear on the left side of the homepage in place of the word “Register”

5. Search for your school in the search bar and choose your school by the dropdown list that appear when you start typing

6. Click on the “Upload Your Photos” button

7. Choose the category you want to upload photos to, browse your computer, and upload

8. You can add captions at this point, then finalize the upload

9. If you need to upload more photos, click the button at the top to do so

Download the Entourage App (optional)

1. Go to the app store on your iphone

2. Search for the “Entourage Link”

3. Login with the same username and password you used to login into the website

Photo Opt Out (Due: January 15th)

Finally, if you wish NOT to have your child’s image or name appear in the yearbook, or related materials for 5th grade celebration, we need to receive an executed form from you, which can be submitted online here: Opt Out Form

Personalized Ads (Due February 12)

Many families choose to purchase a $5 “congratulatory” quarter page “ad” for their child. For these ads you will need to logon and choose a template/create your own for all the information to celebrate your child. You can create your ad for inclusion in the yearbook by creating an account to upload photos. Go to, select “register” on the left hand column, create a log in and ID, log in and select “Erdenheim Elementary 2024 Yearbook” (make sure it is 2024, not 2023!), then select “Buy Ad.” When naming your ad, please use your child’s last name (and yours, if different). One ad per child as space is limited. A helpful video tutorial showing how to create an add can be found HERE.

If you need financial assistance to participate, please reach out to Emily Duffy at

Questions? Please email the Yearbook Committee at

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