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The Sustainability and Garden Committee provides activities and events that help instill a sense of environmental stewardship in our school community and foster a connection to nature.


Recent activities include:

School Planters

In front of Enfield, you’ll notice the latest effort – stunning new planters – thanks to
a donation by Enliven Planters. We appreciate their contribution to beautifying the exterior
with more greenery!


A revitalized recycling initiative will start in February 2024 at Enfield. Trash and recycling bins will be in a standard location in the classrooms, along with new colorful signs that will be prominently displayed above the bins. This helps ensure everyone knows where to place their materials. Special thanks to the administrative team, teachers, and custodians at Enfield for seeing this initiative to completion! Erdenheim’s Green Team also created posters that encourage recycling and protecting our environment, and they presented to their peers during Spartan Pride Time.

Raised Garden Beds at Enfield

Thanks to the support of Assistant Principal Mr. Curtis Fleming, teachers Ms. Tara Grow and Ms. Teresa Straffin, and the generous contributions and guidance from Backyard Eats, raised garden beds were installed at Enfield in April 2023. The garden provides engaging, hands-on learning experiences to understand the process of growing healthy foods. Green beans, tomatoes, carrots, and herbs are just a few things popping up in the garden beds. Check out the gardens, which are near the walker door! We’re currently working out logistics and assessing the available space to implement a similar garden set-up at Erdenheim!


Nature Assemblies

Enfield welcomed representatives from the nonprofit organization 4 Elements Earth Education ( to share some of their earth skills with our students. The topic was shelter, specifically how to make a natural shelter using nothing but forest debris to keep warm and dry in even the coldest and wettest conditions. The presentation included a brief history of the organization and its lineage to a Native American society. It also included an engaging story relaying how humans learned this type of shelter from the squirrels. In the afternoon, students got time in the courtyard to do just that – build a shelter for a squirrel using sticks and leaves to construct a “debris hut.”


BIC Stationary Recycling Program

Enfield and Erdenheim participated in the BIC recycling program this year, and teachers and students gathered nearly 17 pounds of writing instruments that would have otherwise been thrown away. Special thanks to the Green Team at Erdenheim for getting the word out and helping with the collection effort!

Community Hikes

In December 2023, we hosted our first community hike in the Wissahickon! It was a beautiful winter day to connect in nature, enjoy s’mores around the campfire, and learn about the important work of the SGC in our school communities. We look forward to hosting more hikes in the future! 


We’re so proud of the team effort to cultivate sustainability within our school community!

 If you have any ideas or want to be involved, please contact us at

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